Isla Vista Meditation

'If you want to know the path on the mountain, You must be the one who comes and goes on it.' -Hori, V. S. (2003). "Zen Sand". Capping Phrase #10.207.

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Samu @ St Mike’s, Sat. May 30th 2015

The Chapel was cleaned. The Little House was cleaned. The grounds and gardens of St Mike’s were cleaned.  Emily led the team.  Brianna cleaned and took photos!  Thank you everyone! Thank you to all the many beings – including the bug Gio rescued!

Emily and Heena pick up litter Eric and Bianca dust the book shelves Gio rescues a bug from the kitchen Tom and Eric clean the grounds

Top 3 photos, from left to right:

1. Emily & Heena pick up litter.

2. Eric & Bianca dust the bookshelves (Little House).

3. Gio rescues a bug from the kitchen.

Bottom photo:
4. Tom and Eric clean the grounds.