Isla Vista Meditation

'If you want to know the path on the mountain, You must be the one who comes and goes on it.' -Hori, V. S. (2003). "Zen Sand". Capping Phrase #10.207.


At times you sit atop the lone mountain peak and let your hands dangle into the busy intersection;
At times, while in the busy intersection; you drowse off on the lone mountain peak.

Hori, V. S. (2003) [trans].  Zen Sand: The Book of Capping Phrases for Koan Practice.  Honolulu, University of Hawai’i Press. [p. 622. No. 21+.4].

When folks ask about zen Buddhist books, I might recommend any of the following authors.  If you have a favorite Buddhist book, email me the title and author and I will consider adding it to this page, designed largely for the curious college student.

Orienting to Meditation and (zen) Buddhist ways
 Popular Favorites:

At the CA Centers:

Other authors to pursue: Joko Beck, John Tarrant, Stephen Batchelor, Sharon Salzberg.
 Getting Started with Koan Study:
 If you live in/near Santa Barbara, drop by Chaucer’s Books and browse their Buddhist section.  Ask the staff and they can show you where the section is.  Lots of excellent reading there!
  • TIP#1:  I also enjoy browsing for Buddhist books in airport bookstores…for some reason I always find some very relaxing, calming Buddhist texts there!
  • TIP #2:  Until 2013, and going way back, the magazine Shambala Sun (now Lion’s Roar) published an annual collection “The Best Buddhist Writing of 2013” [or 2012, or 2011, etc, ].  The various short chapters in these yearly pubs. provide a great way to find out who you might like to read some more.


Online Stores:
For books, incense, zafu & zabuton, statues, jewelry, trinkets, gifts.  Sign up for mail & email catalogues?  Search online:  “buddhist, “stores”, “shopping”, etc.

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